These guys are honest and reliable and do high quality work. They follow through and make sure the job is done right. They are also always accessible. I never had a problem getting them on the phone. Use them and you won’t be disappointed. This is my story.

Two years ago I bought a house in Costa Mesa that was built in 1947. Half the house had oak floors and the other half the house was an add on that had carpet over plywood. I decided to do the entire house in red oak. The plan was to install new oak flooring where the carpet was, lace into the existing oak and sand and finish all the same colors. I am neurotic about value and pricing so I contacted five floor companies for bids. Keyes beat all the other prices by approximately $2,000. I usually get skeptical about selecting the lowest bid, but Terry and Sean told me they did my across the street neighbor’s floors. I asked my neighbor if he was satisfied and he said extremely. I then used them and they did a fabulous job on the floors. They installed the floors in a few days. I then covered the raw wood and finished the rest of the house. About six months later, when I was finally ready, they came back and sanded and stained. The wait was no problem. The floors looked beau tiful. I went with spice brown and they popped the grain. The floors looked real rich and warm.

A few months after the floors were finished, I went to dinner with a friend. When I was at dinner a metal supply hose under my sink burst and flooded half the house. The floors cupped and showed water damage. My Homeowner’s deductible was $5,000, so I had to pay for the repairs out of pocket. I hired Keyes to sand and refinish the areas of the floor that were damaged. They did and there were some problems with the appearance of the final urethane coat. I paid Keyes the balance for the job before I noticed the urethane issue. I then asked them to see if they could fix it. They re-screened and reapplied the urethane four additional times until it was fixed. However, by that time, there were so many coats of urethane that the floors were much glossier than the existing floor and did not match. Keyes had spent so much time fixing the problem, that I was nervous about telling them that the floors weren’t matching up the way I expected. I contacted Terry and told him I wo uld pay him extra if there was something he could do to dull it down. To make a long story short, Terry told me that he would make it right and resanded and refinished the floors again. There is no way they made any money on this job, but they did deliver on their promise to make it right. I will refer them to anyone who asks. These guys are honest and do great work.

– Tom P.
Costa Mesa, CA

I was very impressed with the vision, design, and the execution of Keyes Hardwood Flooring. They not only finished my flooring project on time, but also exceeded my expectations in regard to design and quality.

– Gretchen J. Mcdonald
Orange County, CA

The folks at Keyes are true professionals and really delivered when it came to my unique specifications.

– Tyler D. Curtis
Newport Beach, CA

Trying to coordinate our large flooring project all while being so busy at work would have been impossible if we didn’t have the help of the professionals at Keyes to help us navigate through the process. These guys are the real deal.

– Amy Z. Bruno
Santa Ana, CA

Terry, Shawn and crew just finished our 1/4 sawn beautiful oak floor and did a most wonderful job. This is the fourth floor they have re-finished for us – these homes are 1955 vintage and they brought them all to life. Their expertise is second to none, their attention to detail is unsurpassed and their hard work and due diligence pays off every time with a job well done. Nothing is too much trouble for these men – their honesty is above reproach and I am not a relative or an employee. Nobody else would ever do our work because nobody cares as much as Terry and Shawn do. Thank you

– Frances
Anaheim, CA

We had the most wonderful experience! Have had my floors redone many times but never with the quality of work. I had new hardwood put in my bedroom to match the original 1950 oak floors elsewhere..no one can tell they are not original. Would only have them do the work again!

– Marlene
Costa Mesa, CA